Sandstone range expands with a new favourite

Australia’s love affair with sandstone spans generations, with the hard wearing and long-lasting stone incorporated into many timeless Australian designs.

With the sedimentary layers creating stunning and unique colour variations, the individuality of each paver can produce beautiful colour tone effects, that won’t fade or discolour.

Coupled with remarkable durability, weather resistance and easy maintenance, Sandstone is becoming an increasingly popular choice for commercial projects with Cave.

So we’re especially delighted to welcome a beautiful new sandstone to the Cave range. Imported from China, Moreton is a stunning beige stone and joins the much loved Stradbroke, our classic Australian sandstone (pictured).

Our sandstone pavers and tiles come in an array of colours and textures and are cut in a way that brings out their colour tones; the sedimentary layers of the sandstone create a unique colour variation that adds to the individuality of each paver. With a wide range of size options available, our sandstones do come from big blocks so are also easily customisable, to meet whatever your requirements are in terms of size and coping detail.

Get in touch with our Cave team today to discuss our sandstone range for your next residential or commercial project.