Create stylish walls of natural stone.

Introduce fresh textures and blend environments by using natural stone in your walling project. Cave offers a wide variety of natural stone for walling including free form, loose stone and sandstone. We also stock tiles and stacked stones of granite, bluestone, sandstone, travertine, slate and more.

Different aesthetic moods can be created using stone. Limestone, sandstone and bluestone create a neat and clear-cut finish, whereas dry stone and free form walling offer a more rugged, organic look. All our natural stone walling products are sawn smooth on the back to allow for easy application to suitable substrates.

Whether used internally or externally, natural stone walling adds interest and texture, and can stylishly connect indoor and outdoor spaces. Take a look at Cave’s walling products to find the perfect stone finish for your next design project.

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Define your space with natural stone flooring.

For any project, your paving choice will highly affect the overall look and feel of the space, so selecting the right paving supplies for your design is important. Cave’s great range of natural stone pavers and tiles help to define and bring texture and warmth to a designed space.

Available in a wide range of colours, styles and sizes, our flooring solutions offer endless design possibilities. We also offer customisation with most of our paving materials, so we can meet the requirements of almost any project.

We have a great selection of Australian sandstone to create an Australian feel for your project and a lovely range of travertine and limestone if you draw your inspirations from abroad. Try our large range of split stone pavers for a paving style that works well indoors and out or, for a more textured finish, choose cobblestones. Hardwearing, durable pavers such as granite and bluestone are a great choice for high traffic areas.

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