Travertine and limestone

Travertine and limestone

Travertine and limestone natural stone pavers freshen up any outdoor landscape design

Travertine pavers are one Cave’s most popular natural stone floor tiles. With light and creamy colour tones travertine flooring will add freshness and brighten any design space, whether residential or commercial. Our range also includes the stunning Coldstream bluestone limestone pavers, with a dark blue-grey colour, and Renzo travertine pavers in beautiful variations of silver hues.

Cave’s range of natural stone pavers includes a huge variety of sizes and textures, with travertine pavers available in brushed, tumbled, honed and filled flooring options. Our french pattern sets create an easy and effective design for larger areas. You’ll also find bullnose pool coping options, so you can maintain continuity with other interior or exterior flooring.

Our travertine pavers are tumbled for a period of time to create an aged appearance while retaining dimensional accuracy. This creates a feel of history and permanency. Even newly laid stones seem as if they’ve been there for a long time.

Travertine is technically a type of limestone where the lime content has been deposited by water over millions of years. It is a solid form of calcium carbonate that is produced in hot mineral springs containing lime substances. Travertine pavers often contain holes that have been created by trapped gases such as carbon dioxide over time. This well-known characteristic of travertine is part of it’s natural stone charm. However if you prefer a smoother surface, try our honed and filled travertine pavers.

Due to very little metal content in the stone, the surface of travertine pavers never gets hot. They also have a naturally non-slip surface, are salt resistant and incredibly strong. This makes travertine pavers a highly suitable option for pool pavers around Australian swimming pools and other wet areas. Why not mix and match from our beautiful array of travertine and limestone colours for other outdoor entertainment areas, balconies, pathways, stair treads and indoor flooring areas as well.

Travertine pavers are known to strengthen with age and retain its colour over time, although we recommend using a sealant and specific stone cleaner. Contact our Cave team more expert advice including product and sizing information. Interested in other pool coping options? Discover our large range of Cave Granite pavers.  

*1.2 French Pattern Travertine and Limestone pavers are strapped and packed into sets including the following sizes:
1 x 610 x 406 x 12mm
2 x 406 x 406 x 12mm
1 x 406 x 203 x 12mm
2 x 203 x 203 x 12mm
Set = 0.732 of a sqm

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