Where can I use natural stone?
Our natural stone is available in a myriad of standard sizes or can be custom ordered to a specific size, to suit almost any interior or exterior project. Cave’s walling and flooring products provide excellent design solutions for driveways, pathways, pool areas, alfresco/patios, walls/wall cladding, flooring, and bathrooms.

Do stones require special maintenance or preventative treatment?
Some stones are naturally stain resistant while others are inherently porous, so it’s important to know the best way to install and care for your stone, to maximise longevity and minimise maintenance. Our Cave team can provide you with sealing and cleaning recommendations for any of our stone ranges. Depending on the stone type, sealing treatments with warranties of up to 15 years are available.

Removing dust from stone is best done (generally) using a duster or warm water and a mild detergent on a regular basis. Be careful when using vacuum cleaners as the metal or plastic attachments on the wheels may scratch some stone surfaces. The frequency of cleaning required will be determined by things such as traffic and outdoor conditions.

For thoroughly cleaning and sealing natural stone, we recommend you use qualified professionals who specialise in this area. Using the wrong sealing/cleaning products or application methods may have a negative effect on the finished stone surface and surrounds.

Is there any size or colour variation in natural stone products?
Cave sources natural stone that is as dimensionally accurate as possible to assist with specifying and installing our product. However, sizes can have slight variations within the acceptable tolerance of up to +/-2mm. Slight variance in colour and texture can also occur from piece to piece, but this adds to the natural inherent beauty and individuality of the product.

Can Cave supply custom made products?
Yes, Cave can supply customised orders. We have a large selection of standard sizes and finishes available for delivery straight away, however we can supply tailored products in approximately 4–6 weeks.

Do natural stone products break or chip in transit?
Our stone is transported in quality packaging so it arrives on site in good condition, although some rubbing and minor chips may occur during transit. This is considered normal and any units that appear to be badly chipped are generally used as cuts. It’s accepted industry practice to add an extra 5% to your order to factor in cuts and wastage.

How long do I have to wait once the product is ordered?
We can deliver products that we have in stock within 2–5 working days to the Sydney metro area and 7–14 working days for all other parts of Australia. For custom orders, or if we are out of stock, delivery will take around 4–6 weeks.

Can we visit a showroom before making the final purchase decision?
Cave keeps our fantastic products at affordable prices by offering consultations and samples. Contact us today to book your one-on-one design consultation with the Cave team.

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Do you have any other questions?
If you have any further queries please feel free to contact us.